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  •  CIS of Love & Tolerance
  • Care & Trust: This is the new image of our modern medical care which is the spirit of CTH.

  • Love: Loving God and His People are our eternal goals.

  • An open heart: Represent Tolerance, Acceptance, and the continuing Holistic Care of CTH.

  • Crucifix: Symbolizes the Unselfish Love and Dedication of Christ which is the source of our happiness.

  • Hue: Turquoise color represents complete and comfortable care; warm colors represent our humane care

  • Simple geometric patterns: Represent modernization and top quality medical care of CTH

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     Cardinal Tien Hospital 
     TEL: 886-2-22193391/ Register TEL:886-2-22195028  FAX: 886-2-22195821 
     ADDRESS: No.362, Zhongzheng Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23148, Taiwan R.O.C. 
     Community Service ext:66101 / Information Center ext:66138 / Service Center ext:15100~15102